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Destiny 2 Boosting Services – Buy D2 Carry & Recovery

Looking for a way to level up your Destiny 2 Guardian quickly? Our Destiny 2 boosting services offer expert assistance to help you unlock new content, gain powerful gear, and conquer the toughest challenges in the game.

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Although Destiny 2 was released in 2017, this amazing game continues to grow in popularity. Bungie has developed an online shooter that appeals to millions of gamers. Despite the exciting yet balanced gameplay, D2 has some drawbacks. First of all, these are grinding and farming, which take a lot of time. Destiny 2 boosting from professional players solves this problem.

LevelUpper is the best website where you can order different services to strengthen your Destiny 2 characters. Our pro players are ready to help you quickly achieve any D2 goals. The difficulty of the boost doesn't matter. We clear the hardest activities at affordable prices. Try our Destiny 2 boosting service now and we'll take you to the top of the gaming Olympus!

Benefits of Destiny 2 Boosting Services

If you're playing Destiny 2 solo, you're probably going to have a really hard time. However, not only fans of self-play are faced with various gaming problems. Even experienced players with good teams sometimes cannot overcome certain obstacles. Boosting comes to the rescue.

LevelUpper is a Destiny 2 boosting service that will take your gaming experience to the next level. Fast and high-quality solution of your D2 problems is our top priority. Whatever you order, we guarantee you the following benefits:

Time Saving and Convenience

If you want to dominate in Destiny 2, you need a good team and plenty of free time. Since D2 is an online shooter, players must constantly interact with each other. The game mechanics of almost all online FPS are based on this.

As for free time, it's required in order to improve your skills and character development. You'll have to work hard to gain the best Destiny gear or get access to particular types of game content. This can take weeks or even months. And it's not certain that you'll achieve your goals.

What should you do if you don't have a well-coordinated team and a lot of free time? Order Destiny 2 boosting from LevelUpper! You'll save dozens of hours thanks to our service. Our pro players will take care of difficult or boring gaming activities for you.

All our Destiny champs are constantly improving their gaming skills. They play like real pros and always strive to fulfill 100% of our customers' requirements. If necessary, our boosters can eliminate your enemies via account sharing, or fight against them with you.

While our champions are grinding levels for you or working on your other orders, you can focus on more important things. At any time, you can contact our support team and find out the current status of your boost. Order details will be provided to you promptly.

Convenience and time savings are significant advantages of ordering D2 boosting at a fair price on our website. Instead of doing it yourself, you entrust it to pros with the highest gaming skills. As a result, you can enjoy the game and not waste your precious time on boring gaming activities!

LevelUpper benefits
Saves you time
Convenient boosting service
Skillful boosters
Boost tracking

Unlocking D2 Game Content

As in other games for fans of online FPS, Destiny 2 has a lot of content that is unlocked by meeting certain requirements. You can easily access many activities, but on the other hand, unlocking some of them is quite difficult or time-consuming, because it requires the best gear and the highest possible Power Level.

You have 2 options to choose from. The first one is to power your level and gain rare gear on your own. Depending on your skills, the power leveling process can take a long time. The same goes for obtaining in-game items. Some of them you simply cannot get alone.

The second way is to order the Destiny 2 boosting service you need from LevelUpper. In this case, you get pro services at a lower price than if you were to boost your D2 character alone. How is this possible? Actually, everything is simple.

Let's say you want to clear some raid and get the rewards for it. You understand that self-play will take you 20-30 hours or even more. Now take a look at the prices of our services. They aren't so expensive compared to the time you would spend alone.

We'll help you quickly deal with any game activities, including high-level ones. Our champs will clear both Vow of the Disciple and the King's Fall raid for you. This is equally true for other game missions, from Vault of Glass to the Root of Nightmares raid.

We also do dungeon runs: The Shattered Throne, Grasp of Avarice, Spire of the Watcher, etc. Finally, our boosters will tackle any Exotic Quest like The Final Strand or Of Queens and Worms. Just order any service you need and we'll provide it at the highest professional level!

LevelUpper benefits
Unlock any game content
Raid and dungeon pro carry
Best D2 gear in no time
High-level activities effortlessly

Powerful Gear and Weapons

While playing Destiny 2, the performance of the game is mainly dependent on your skills, but gear also makes a huge difference. Regardless of the player's in-game skill, some activities are quite difficult to play without high-stat items. However, they're often not easy to obtain.

Things change when you place a standard or custom order on LevelUpper. The gear you could only dream of before will be quickly added to your inventory! Fast order fulfillment is one of the main advantages that is guaranteed when boosting any game titles.

In addition to Destiny 2, we provide boosting services for Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment, World of Warcraft from Activision & Blizzard Entertainment, etc. The list of titles keeps growing. If you play several games, order a mass boost and get a discount.

Note that gear and weapons are very important elements of the game. For example, armor affects stats like mobility, recovery, strength, and discipline. It also increases your Power Level which, among other things, affects the damage you deal.

Your weapons are equally important. Each gun in Destiny 2 has a variety of stats: attack, efficiency, reload speed, etc. The cooler your rifle or shotgun, the faster you kill your enemies. The weapons are also classified by rarity. It's easy to guess that the best items are the hardest to obtain.

This doesn't apply to LevelUpper customers. They get the gear and weapons they want without the slightest effort. Top-tier items allow them to complete missions from the endgame content more easily. And if there are any difficulties, our boosters help our customers cope with them!

LevelUpper benefits
Any decent gear you want
Rare weapons without grinding and farming
Discounts for regular customers
Fast order fulfillment

Competitive Advantage

In online games, it's very important to have a competitive edge over your enemies. The performance of the player often depends on this. In Destiny 2, an advantage over opponents is achieved through gaming skills and various items.

Boosting is the easiest way to get the coolest armor and weapons. They allow experienced players to achieve total domination on the battlefield. Beginners or gamers with average skills can increase their performance with in-game items too.

If you want to put on the best armor and wield the deadliest weapons, you must power up your character to the highest possible level. This will give you access to activities where you can get the best items. Although they aren't easy, boosting makes them so.

In general, boosted Destiny 2 characters are your key to winning PvE and PvP battles. When you're heavily armored, you're harder to kill. A great weapon with huge damage makes you a more deadly opponent. All that's left is to target the enemies and quickly kill them.

Pro players from LevelUpper will help you gain a competitive advantage over your opponents in no time! We don't sell in-game items or obtain them illegally. Our service assists players in getting gear and weapons without violating the rules of the game. Your account isn't at risk.

Numerous reviews from our satisfied customers are excellent proof of our reliability. Our boosting and coaching services really make players more deadly opponents for their enemies. Place your order now and see for yourself!

LevelUpper benefits
100% legal boosting methods
Pro assist in PvP battles
Quick access to endgame content
Boosting of any difficulty

Types of D2 Boosting Services

When you choose us, you have a 100% guarantee that the boosting services offered to you will be provided to the highest standards. We always strive to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, regardless of its price and difficulty. You can safely entrust us with the following types of boost:

Power Leveling Boost

Power Level is a kind of indicator of your coolness in Destiny 2. In some way, it affects the damage you deal. You must also increase your Power Level in order to access various in-game activities.

A high Power Level gives you the opportunity to participate in missions where you can obtain the best items. The matter is that each activity has a so-called recommended level. If you don't meet its requirements, it will be almost impossible for you to get new gear and abilities.

You can increase your Power Level until you reach the pinnacle cap, which changes from season to season. By the way, players can get hold of useful rewards by completing seasonal activities. It's important not to miss them if you want to stay competitive.

The main problem with power leveling is the time it takes to boost your character. The same goes for the seasons. It will take you many hours to understand their features. Destiny 2 boosting from LevelUpper will save you from wasting your time and effort.

You can order both the power leveling boost and the completion of the Season Pass activities. There are no restrictions on boosting. Any player can always place a custom order on our website. If possible, we'll quickly complete it. Join our winning team!

Classes and subclasses to boost
  1. Striker
  2. Sentinel
  3. Sunbreaker
  4. Behemoth
  1. Arcstrider
  2. Gunslinger
  3. Nightstalker
  4. Revenant
  1. Dawnblade
  2. Voidwalker
  3. Stormcaller
  4. Shadebinder

Raid and Dungeon Boosts

Destiny 2 raids are very difficult activities. To clear any of them, you'll need to assemble a team of 6 people. During battles, you and your allies must coordinate actions. Otherwise, you won't be able to deal with the legendary bosses and get rewards for killing them.

Dungeons are no less difficult. The first of them was added in the Forsaken expansion. At the time of release, it required level 570 to successfully complete it. Since then, new dungeons have appeared in the game from time to time.

Clearing raids and dungeons is a tough test of your gaming skills, but your potential reward can be more than worth it. The rarest items are often obtained there. That's why you should regularly go hunting for the most dangerous bosses in the game.

How do you get raid and dungeon rewards for Destiny 2 players without effort or a powerful team? Order boosting from LevelUpper! We'll conquer the toughest challenges and unlock new game content for you. Thanks to our pros, you'll forever forget about boring grinding and farming.

Our champs will clear any raids for you, including the most difficult ones like King's Fall and Root of Nightmares. You can do it together with them or order completely secure recovery services. Choose the option that you like best.

We also clear dungeons: Prophecy, Pit of Heresy, The Shattered Throne, etc. Since our pro gamers have outstanding gaming skills, they fulfill every order in the shortest possible time. They guarantee the same thing for you. Place an order and start your boosting journey now!

Raids and dungeons to boost
  1. Leviathan
  2. Last Wish
  3. Scourge of the Past
  4. Crown of Sorrow
  5. Garden of Salvation
  6. Deep Stone Crypt.
  7. Vault of Glass
  8. Vow of the Disciple
  9. King's Fall
  10. Root of Nightmares
  1. The Shattered Throne
  2. Pit of Heresy
  3. Prophecy
  4. Grasp of Avarice
  5. Duality
  6. Spire of the Watcher

Exotic Quest Boosts

Destiny 2 Exotic Quests are activities with 2 types of valuable rewards, namely, Exotic Engrams and Weapons. Let's take Jötunn as an example. This is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that fires rockets. It has perks such as Charge Shot, Volatile Launch, Liquid Coils, etc.

Weapons like the Jötunn give players some advantages over enemies on the battlefield. Because of this, many gamers dream of getting it. Rare and powerful weapons allow them to win more often in battles with other D2 fans or bosses of raids and dungeons.

To date, there are dozens of Exotic Quests. Although each of them is unique in its own way, they share one common feature. It's very difficult and time-consuming to complete these activities without professional assistance. Any player who has tried to get rare weapons will confirm this to you.

LevelUpper offers you the chance to entrust the beating of Exotic Quests to pro players. The advantages of this method are obvious. Instead of wasting time on difficult and tedious activities, you do what you like. For example, playing with your children or watching your favorite TV show.

When our boosters complete your order, you'll receive the weapon you've been dreaming about. There is no easier and more convenient way to get exclusive in-game items. Pro assistance can make a real champion even out of a player with average skills.

You can contact us for assistance in beating any Exotic Quest, from A Giant's Might or A Hollow Coronation to Blast from the Past or In Rides a Pale Horse. The difficulty of the activity doesn't matter to us. We'll beat any Destiny 2 quest fast and cheap!

Popular Exotic Quests to boost

  1. Another Last City
  2. The Essence
  3. The Voice on the Other Side
  4. A Spark of Hope
  5. Divine Fragmentation
  6. And Out Fly the Wolves
  7. The Journey
  8. Lost Lament
  9. Wish-Ender

D2 PvP Boosts

In Destiny 2, players take part in numerous PvP activities. They receive various loot at the end of competitive matches. To make this possible, a gamer must kill at least 1 enemy. Even a beginner can easily fulfill this requirement. Interestingly, the PvP mode has 2 ranking systems.

The Valor ranking system works in 3 playlists: Rumble, Mayhem, and Quickplay. At the end of each match, a player receives Valor points. They're given more for victories than for defeats. Once a gamer reaches the highest rank, it can be reset. In return, a Guardian receives great rewards.

The Glory ranking system works in the Competitive playlist only. When a player wins, Glory points are awarded. If a gamer loses or leaves the match, their number decreases. The more consecutive wins or losses, the more points are given or deducted.

Regular participation in PvP battles significantly improves players' skills. This is because playing against real people requires maximum concentration and lightning-fast reaction. Especially when you're aiming to increase your rank or receive an exclusive reward.

Since victory in PvP battles depends on the skill of the player, it's not so easy to win them often. In such a situation, boosting services from LevelUpper can be very useful. They'll allow you to quickly deal with your current gaming problems.

Do you want to get rewards for Flawless Trials of Osiris? We'll make your dreams come true. Or maybe you're trying to earn the maximum amount of Valor points? We'll do that for you too. Nothing is impossible for our boosters!

PvP activities to boost

  1. Elimination
  2. Rumble
  3. Mayhem
  4. Survival
  5. Trials of Osiris
  6. Control and Iron Banner
  7. Clash
  8. Showdown

Some players confuse boosting with selling in-game items. These are completely different things! During a boost, experienced gamers help you get particular gear or level up your character. You pay for their services and don't purchase weapons or armor. Please keep this important point in mind.

Why Choose Us?

Gamers trust us because of our high quality of services and timely order fulfillment. It's important for us that our customers are satisfied with the results of their boosts. To make this possible, we're constantly improving our service. As a result, a huge number of Destiny 2 players choose us because of the following features:

Reputation and Reliability

Reputation and reliability are the most important factors if you choose a boosting service provider. Especially when it comes to the security of your account. You can put your account at risk by ordering a recovery service on dubious sites.

Before choosing a particular provider, you must do some research. This can be done using the internet. It's enough to google the name of the service. All its ins and outs will become clear in a matter of seconds.

When checking the provider, pay attention to its customer reviews. This is an invaluable source of info that can save you a lot of time and money. This also applies to independent ratings that evaluate the work of boosting services.

As for LevelUpper, we're a reliable service trusted by Destiny 2 gamers from all over the world. Our impeccable reputation is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from our customers. See for yourself that you can do business with us. Place an order and we'll do a pro boost for you!

LevelUpper benefits
Impeccable reputation
High reliability
Trusted by thousands of gamers
100% privacy and account protection

Pricing and Payment Options

Destiny 2 boosting pricing and payment options may vary by provider. While some sites underestimate the cost of services, others overestimate them. Therefore, before ordering boosting, it makes sense to compare the prices of different services.

After you've done your research, it's worth choosing a provider that offers fair and reasonable rates for boosts. Another important point is the security of payments. You must be 100% sure that scammers won't be able to access your money.

When you place an order on LevelUpper, nothing threatens the security of your payments. The safety of our customers is one of our top priorities. That's why we use the most reliable and time-tested payment methods.

We offer our customers various payment options. You can pay for Destiny 2 boosting either via PayPal or by credit card. Choose the payment system that suits you the most and pay for your orders without worrying about the safety of your funds!

LevelUpper benefits
Secure transactions
Wide range of payment options
Fast order processing
Lowest prices

Customer Support and Communication

When choosing boosting service providers, always remember about customer support and communication. The speed of solving important issues directly depends on their quality. This applies to Destiny 2 boosts of any kind.

You can easily evaluate the customer support of your chosen provider. Just ask a question and see how quickly it gets answered. Equally important is its completeness. You must receive a comprehensive answer to your request.

Clear and timely communication is also required during the boosting process. As a customer of boosting services, you have every right to check on their progress at any time. At your first request, the support staff must provide all the info you're interested in.

LevelUpper guarantees every customer top-notch support! Since we work 24/7, you can contact us at any time of the day or night. We'll answer all of your questions in as much detail as possible. Finally, you can always clarify the progress of your boosting and chat with our pro gamers.

LevelUpper benefits
Top-notch support
Quick response to customer requests
Direct communication with boosters
24/7/365 online support

How does Destiny 2 boosting work?

To boost your character, you must follow 4 simple steps. You choose the service you need and place an order for it. Our support will coordinate the details of boosting with you. Then our pro players will solve your game problems. Finally, your order will be complete, and you can leave a review about our service if you like.

Is it safe to use D2 carry?

Yes! We never use illegal boosting methods. Payments made on our website are 100% secure. Customer order data isn't passed on to third parties. If account sharing is required, our boosters use a VPN so that game developers don't have suspicions.

Can using a Destiny 2 boosting service get me banned?

Since our champs only use legal boost methods, you'll never get banned. Our boosters are D2 fans who respect the rules of the game. They find bots and cheats unacceptable because they ruin the balance of the game.

How much do D2 boosts cost?

The type of service affects the price of the boost. The most expensive is difficult and time-consuming boosting. For example, clearing high-level raids and dungeons. You can get the exact cost of the services you need from our support.

What factors should I consider when choosing a D2 boosting service provider?

The most important factors are the reputation and service quality of the provider. Great services like LevelUpper always have an impeccable reputation and the highest quality of services. This is the key to their success and the respect of their customers.

How long does it take to complete a Destiny 2 boost?

Difficulty is a determining factor in boost duration. It's also affected by the requirements of the player. D2 fans sometimes require very specific services that cannot be provided in 1 day. In general, boosting terms are defined during the ordering process.

What types of D2 boosts are available?

Any Destiny 2 boost you can imagine! On our site, you can order the most popular types of boosting. However, this doesn't mean that we deal only with them. Our users can also request custom orders. If it's within our power, we'll carry them out without any problems.

What if I'm not happy with the service provided?

You get 100% of your money back or an impressive discount on your next order. We work so that our customers are always satisfied with the quality of our services. Therefore, we resolve disputed points in their favor. You pay only results, so you won't be risking your money.


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