Amirdrassil Heroic Boost

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Amirdrassil Heroic Boost

Swift Order Start

24/7 Support

Safe Boost

Master the Heroic Amirdrassil Raid with LevelUpper's Amirdrassil Heroic Boost. Our service offers tailored loot options and a guaranteed successful raid, optimizing your gameplay. With customizable choices like self-play and flexible raid sizes, LevelUpper ensures rapid progression and exclusive rewards in WoW's challenging Heroic Amirdrassil. Elevate your game with strategic advancement.


Complete Amirdrassil HC Run

Elite Gear and Achievements

 467-476 ilvl loot, set pieces, and prestigious titles E.g Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing.

Exclusive Mounts

Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame and a chance for the Embodiment of the Blazing variant.

Dreaming Crests & Flightstones



  • Active Subscription
  • Level 70 Character
Additional Options

Additional Options

Enhance your Amirdrassil The Dream's Hope experience with LevelUpper's range of additional options:

  • Mythic +18 Challenge: Take on four Mythic +18 dungeons, ensuring timely completion for each run.
  • Full Gear Upgrade: Outfit your character entirely with 467-476 ilvl gear during the boost.
  • Priority Service: Choose this for expedited processing of your order, making it our top priority.
  • Live Streaming: Enjoy the unique opportunity to watch your character's progression in real-time.

These options are designed to elevate your gaming adventure, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs in Amirdrassil.


Self-Play – If you don't want to share your account data - this option is for you. Our boosters join your party and help you to do your order as fast as possible;


Piloted – Our boosters log into your account and do the job by themselves. Don’t forget to choose the right region/platform and provide correct login with password.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

We strictly select every booster after confirming that they have years of experience in both boosting and the game.

Premium VPN

To guarantee the security of your account, all your data traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel to match your specific geographic location.

Quality and Speed

Our workflow refers to a high-tier boosting standards that provide services as fast as possible without losing in quality.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you with any question or issues. Ask it in the live-chat and get an answer!

No Forbidden Software

We strictly stick to fair play principles, ensuring a gaming experience without cheats, bots and exploits.
How It Works

How It Works


Choose a service and desired additional options


Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase


After payment you will get access to order chat with your booster


For Self-Play schedule gaming sessions with your booster at your convenience


For Piloted if you have 2FA, share access code with your booster accordingly


Make sure you provide accurate account details for either Boost Methods

Completion Time

Completion Time

The timeframe can vary due to several factors:

  • Chosen additional options
  • Our current workload
  • Game updates, server maintenance etc.

About Amirdrassil Heroic Boost

Amirdrassil Heroic carry at LevelUpper is your gateway to conquering the epic Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope (AtDH) on Heroic difficulty. This boost gets you through a rapid loot-filled adventure, facing off against all nine bosses in the Amirdrassil raid. It's an ideal strategy for acquiring new gear and sets swiftly in the latest patch 10.2. Embrace the challenge with our Amirdrassil HC carry service, where you'll encounter the fierce Druids of the Flame and their leader, the formidable Fyrakk the Blazing.

From the very first day, LevelUpper is ready with the Amirdrassil Heroic carry. Our teams, seasoned in Heroic Amirdrassil raid, are dedicated to delivering a seamless and top-tier Amirdrassil the Dream’s Hope HC experience. Join us to navigate through this thrilling and rewarding journey with expertise and finesse.



What is the Amirdrassil Heroic Raid Boost?

The Amirdrassil Heroic Raid Boost is a professional service provided by LevelUpper, where experienced players help you complete the entire Amirdrassil raid on Heroic difficulty. It's designed to efficiently conquer all bosses and secure top-tier loot.

What item level gear does this raid offer in Heroic mode?

In Heroic mode, the Amirdrassil Heroic loot run offers gear ranging from item level 467 to 476. This includes high-quality armor sets and weapons, enhancing your character's capabilities significantly.

What will I get by purchasing Amirdrassil Heroic Boost?

By purchasing the Amirdrassil Heroic Boost, you'll achieve complete Amirdrassil Heroic loot runs of the Dream’s Hope raid, defeat all bosses, earn high-level gear, collect unique achievements, and potentially secure rare mounts, all with the assistance of experienced boosters.

Which Boosts do you offer for Amirdrassil Heroic?

For Amirdrassil Heroic, LevelUpper offers various boosts including full raid completion, gear upgrades, specific boss defeats, and additional services such as gear full sets, and priority options for faster completion.

Which Bosses will I defeat during the Amirdrassil Heroic Boost?

During the Amirdrassil Heroic Boost, you'll defeat all 9 bosses in the raid, including challenging encounters like the Druids of the Flame and the formidable Fyrakk the Blazing, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding Dream's Hope Heroic Raid experience.