WoW Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Boost

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WoW Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Boost

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LevelUpper's Gnomeregan Boost simplifies your journey through this challenging raid dungeon. Ensure swift progression and claim your gear, rewards, and loot without the grind. With our professional players, conquer bosses, complete quests, and experience the best of Gnomeregan effortlessly.

Opt for our Gnomeregan boost to skip the hassle of team formation. LevelUpprer guarantees a seamless and rewarding raid experience, focusing on your character's growth and success in the WoW Season of Discovery!


Gnomeregan Raid fully completed

All raid bosses cleared

At least 3 parts of raid gear

Enjoy the added bonus of random materials and gold that may drop during the service


Boost method


Choose your server

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Free leveling or profession

Second Profession



  • Active WoW subscription;
  • Level 40 character;
  • Account details for Piloted Option;
  • Readiness for coordinated play if you're going for Self-Play.
Additional Options

Additional Options

  • Priority Service: Choose this to jump the queue and have your boost treated with the utmost urgency.
  • Youtube Stream: Enjoy the unique opportunity to observe your character progress live, as our pro players skillfully navigate through the Gnomeregan dungeon.
  • To get the most out of this boost, you can choose between free 1-40 leveling or Profession kits as a gift. 


Self-Play – If you don't want to share your account data - this option is for you. Our boosters join your party and help you to do your order as fast as possible;


Piloted – Our boosters log into your account and do the job by themselves. Don’t forget to choose the right region/platform and provide correct login with password.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Professional Team

We strictly select every booster after confirming that they have years of experience in both boosting and the game.

Premium VPN

To guarantee the security of your account, all your data traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel to match your specific geographic location.

Quality and Speed

Our workflow refers to a high-tier boosting standards that provide services as fast as possible without losing in quality.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you with any question or issues. Ask it in the live-chat and get an answer!

No Forbidden Software

We strictly stick to fair play principles, ensuring a gaming experience without cheats, bots and exploits.
How It Works

How It Works


Choose a service and desired additional options


Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase


After payment you will get access to order chat with your booster


For Self-Play schedule gaming sessions with your booster at your convenience


For Piloted if you have 2FA, share access code with your booster accordingly


Make sure you provide accurate account details for either Boost Methods

Completion Time

Completion Time

The timeframe can vary due to several factors:

  • Chosen additional options
  • Our current workload
  • Game updates, server maintenance etc.

About WoW Season of Discovery Gnomeregan Raid Boost

The WoW Classic Season of Discovery brings an exciting return to the Gnomeregan dungeon, a key site of gnomish innovation turned perilous ruin. This dungeon raid invites players to navigate the mechanical city's dangers, facing six bosses guarding its twisted corridors.

In the Gnomeregan raid, adventurers will confront:

  1. Grubbis, the first boss and a trogg challenge in the city's halls.
  2. Viscous Fallout, a radioactive horror dropping rare loot.
  3. Crowd Pummeler 9-60, a reprogrammed mechanical menace.
  4. Electrocutioner 6000, offering an electrifying battle.
  5. Menagerie, a display of failed experiments.
  6. Mekgineer Thermaplugg, the cunning final boss behind the city's downfall.

Opting for the Gnomeregan Raid Boost accelerates your journey through this dungeon, securing Phase 2 loot and treasures. It's an efficient way to power up your character in the Season of Discovery, blending combat with the exploration of gnomish technology.

Our Gnomeregan boost service, provided by professional players, ensures a smooth raid experience, offering a collection of rewards, gear, and materials. This service is the quickest path to enhancing your WoW character, allowing you to skip the grind and dive straight into the action. Join us for a Gnomeregan raid boost and unlock the secrets of this iconic Warcraft location.



What is the required level for Gnomeregan?

The required level to enter the Gnomeregan raid is level 40. This ensures participants are adequately prepared to complete the challenges within.

What rare items are in Gnomeregan?

Gnomeregan offers a variety of rare items, including unique loot, weapons, and trinkets tailored for levels 40 and above, enhancing different aspects of your character's abilities.

Do I need special gear or equipment to participate in the Gnomeregan raid?

No special gear or equipment is required to participate in the Gnomeregan raid, but having updated gear close to your level will improve your chances to complete the raid dungeon.

How many bosses are in the Gnomeregan raid?

The Gnomeregan raid features 6 bosses such as Grubbis, Viscous Fallout, Crowd Pummeler 9-60, Electrocutioner 6000, the Menagerie, and Mekgineer Thermaplugg. You also might encounter Dark Iron Ambassador(rare).